Happy Summer Break!!!
This website contains information about the parent group "Friends of CHS Band" that exists to support the Corvallis High Band Program. It contains many valuable resources in one place for the PARENTS of a CHS band student! Links for band clinics and all the current info for WIBC, Allstate or All Northwest can be found here, as well as Summer Music Camps and related materials! If you are looking for details for your student about current happenings in the Corvallis Band Program, their website is: www.corvallisbandprogram.com


WIBC and Xmas Parade PHOTO

Hi all,
WIBC and Xmas parade pictures are up at Photo link- right hand side of this blog page.
If you can/want to share any of your band pictures, please send them to me at:


Claire Fro said...

Wooo band!

Geli said...

Good times... in the cold. Yay!!!! We got lots of shout outs, so it was awesome. Band Rocks!